Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moving Along

Finished another piece today! (And also started a new pictures of that one just yet though.) Here he is, Mr. Stork completely colored. I'm pretty happy with it, and all that's left is turning this piece in to a greeting card. I'll post pictures of that when it's all done with.
I do have a few more pictures to post though. A few days ago I made a quick sculpture. Here she is:

Flapper lady! Yes...doesn't have any eyes. Yet! Those come in with the Photoshop part.

With a bit of color! I'm still working on her, but here you can see that she does, in fact, have eyes. I took an old photo of myself and used the eyes from that photo and put them on the sculpture. This is a personal project, for once I'm not just posting something from a school assignment :) She needs a name...

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  1. May I suggest a couple of names?


    ...Dunno, can't think of anymore. Hope it helps!